Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foot Detox- Scam or Real?

Foot Detox- Scam or Real?

Many people type in the words "Foot Detox Scam" in their favorite search engine. Maybe you are also wondering the very same thing. Are foot detoxes scams?

My approach and view of detoxing is slightly different than many other's. I am skeptical and sometimes saddened about some of the claims being made by people that promote the foot cleansing. I am skeptical because I do not know everything and just about the time that I do think I know everything, I learn something new, but I keep a discerning view until something convinces me otherwise. I feel saddened because there are great therapies available to people that are often cheapened by hype and false information. For the people that are mainstream and look for any reason to prove alternative therapies wrong, the hype gives them a hook to point out the "scam" behind the therapies. I feel it is a disservice that people try to oversell the foot detox by making false claims about its abilities. Some of what people say cannot be proven. Some of the claims are anecdotal and some are pure false advertising. While antidotes are great, they need to be confined to just that, anecdotal. I am a fact person. I like for science to back up therapies when possible. Now, this is not always the case with energy medicine, which I do believe in but that is a whole other category that the foot detox does not fall into. There are limitations to what the foot detox system can and cannot do. The foot detox is not a medical device; it was never intended to be. This is a non-medical non-intrusive machine. The foot detox can help in lightening the toxin load on a body, but let's stick to what the foot detox can do.

Many people take the "seeing is believing" approach to life. I try to explain to people that the color changes in the water do not mean much. I do not subscribe to the belief that red or orange means liver, green means gallbladder, etc. I do not pay much attention to the color, I do pay attention to smells, blood clots, parasites, yeast, acidity, and to how someone feels. The reason I do not hold much value in the the color changes in the water are due to action of the foot detox module. The water that is used has its own impurities that, due to the electrolysis, are drawn towards or separated from other components. Parts of the unit itself is metal and will break down as a result in the electrolysis reaction. The skin can also contain remnants of soap, creams, nail varnish, cleaning supplies, pollutants, bacteria, fungi and fibres. There is also a release of substances from the sebaceous glands and dead cells. Remember, our skin is our largest organ of detox. When it is not properly detoxing, the capillary micro-circulation and other internal influences will be released in the water. Color matters very little in foot detoxing. I have yet to see evidence that the foot detox actually pulls from organs, as is advertised every so often. I will explain the roll of the organs in foot detoxing below.

Now the science behind the foot detoxing theory is amazing and has been around for centuries. The beneficial properties of the galvanic current have long been recognized and used in many healing modalities that date back to the 1800's. The human body is made up of 60%-70% water. There are different types of salts within the body's fluids that are capable of conducting electricity and galvanic current. In fact, our whole body acts like an industrial plant that produces chemical reactions and generates electrical currents, which produce energy. Water is, of course, very fluid and has the ability to alter molecules in the presence of certain solutions and energies, which can also be referred to as 'memory'. Search out Dr Emoto's work on the memory and outside influence on water. Homeopathy and Macrobiotics use this understanding as the core for their therapies. When we place a part of our body into the foot detox water, our body fluids are actually molecularly changing to mimic the current of the footbath water and the current is able to then flow through our bodies. In Reflexology, Chinese, and Japanese Medicine, the hands and feet correspond to every organ in the body. Applying acupuncture needles or electric stimulation to these organ reflex points or meridian points sends a signal to that organ or body system. As acupuncture can stimulate the immune system, tonify, drain and build up energy in the body, organs and meridians, the galvanic current used in the foot detox serves the same purpose. What actually happens is the foot detox restores energy and balance, eases tension and blockages. This then helps the body's organs and systems to function correctly. In other words, the foot detox is another way that the body can recharge it's system and keep it running on high.

I have found that combination therapies provide the best and fastest results. In our wellness center, we offer combination therapies that combine the vibration platform first, the infrared sauna next, and finally the foot detox. Our clients are able to reach their goals much faster. If you would like to come see us, click on the link to go to our website. If you are not in our area, you can purchase all of the equipment for your own home. Every single step we take to improve your health WILL improve your health.